Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I see it crawling against the solid walls of mine. Sometimes faltering, yet still finding the way upwards steadily. 
I look at your direction, and I know you will nod in agreement. Will you still listen to me, even if you can look right through me. 
I crane my neck upwards, I have finally lost site of it. I do not know where it went, but I do know that it is there. Went up in a broken line. 
I find no sense when trying to grasp any meaning behind this, though I know there is one, maybe even many. 
I wonder where it is. How far it went, and whether I can bring it back again. To the point where I can see it, and be fully aware of it’s existence. It’s size and shape. 
I hear you telling me there is no way around it. Sometimes things are meant to happen. In my mind, there is a way, but I cannot remember it. You say, don’t let your eyes be your enemy. You will see it, eventually.
I want to see it. I want to have the comfort of it being within arm’s reach. I don’t know if I can handle it being so far away, out of sight. 
I know you are smiling, and I know there are many things that will be left unanswered. 
I wait. Each night I wait to see it. I blame the darkness, and the starless skies. But I will eventually look at it at again. 

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