Sunday, October 26, 2014

On loneliness

It's funny how my posts here have become annual, or semi annual at best. I for the longest time was convinced that homesickness is a feeling I am incapable of. I never thought I'd ache to be in Kuwait. I love New York. I quite do. But as the days become shorter and the weather is increasingly chilly here, I find myself wanting to be amongst family, gathered around a fire, roasting chestnuts. Cherish your loved ones. Hold them, tell them you love them. It's not always possible.

There's a comfort to living alone. A lot of freeness. No curfew, no mess besides your own. No other schedule to work around. And yet, it can be quite disconcerting. I find myself wanting to eat with a friend on Skype or FaceTime, sleep to the sounds of Netflix. Silence is often loud. Sometimes unbearably loud.

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