Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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So I'm almost done with this semester. One more paper to go. And then my self imposed hiatus will soon be over and I shall return. However, I couldn't resist the urge to rant a little about something I came across on Instagram recently..

MeBlogging took some photos of a girl called Ascia for a fashion boutique recently (click here for the post)... and on MeBlogging's Instagram people were going haywire about the Ascia's turban. Comments were lewd, crude and rude. Now here are my two cents:

1. What's it to you what people want to put on their heads, be it a trash can, a beanie, or a bunch of bananas?
2. If you value your opinion so highly and must spit it out, can't you do it in a civilized manner?
3. Entaw shako?
4. I think the turban looks lovely, Ascia (no idea if that's a real name or not) looks wonderfully hot and sophisticated. Masakeen me7tareen.. Allah yshafekom.

5. In all honesty, I was saddened but more inspired, because this girl has courage for putting herself out there amidst such a judgmental society. So kudos.

Until then, I leave you with my favourite Google doodle of the month: Howard Carter at King Tut's tomb

Also my favourite read this month: 


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