Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: BBC History Magazine

BBC History magazine recently went digital, and although I had never laid hands on a printed copy, I was thrilled and immediately bought a few issues through Zinio. A self proclaimed history buff (boasting a mere minor), I am very impressed so far. BBC has the knack of making seemingly dull material (to most) appeal to the masses. I don't know if the magazine is considered a scientific journal that one could cite in papers and research, but it is definitely an enjoyable read. Covering a wide range of periods, from prehistoric ages to modern times, it certainly will please interested audience. 

A great addition to my electronic library. I absolutely adore the milestones page.

Priced at $6.20 per issue, or $77.56 for a 13 issue subscription.
Click here to get it through Zinio.

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