Friday, May 13, 2011

StriVectin and stretch marks (review)

I have no idea if men get stretch marks or not, but all of my girlfriends including myself suffer from them. Wether its weight loss, gain or pregnancy, those wretched scars have to appear somewhere at some point.

So when I saw that StriVectin revamped their packaging (and made their tube smaller) I decided to give it a proper go. I've used up two tubes , and now I'm on the third. Each tube has lasted me about a month.

I have been quite religious about it, and have been applying the cream every morning and night for two months now. The smell is kind of medicinal, but its pleasant. This is my feedback so far. Oh and my stretch marks are roughly 3 years old.

Week 1: I noticed that my skin was extremely hydrated. 

Weeks 2-4: My skin looked better, no improvement in terms of stretch marks but it looked and felt much smoother.

Week 5-8: My smaller stretch marks have kind of broken up into much smaller ones, and I can definitely say that they are less noticeable. I think (but I'm not really sure) that my more noticeable stretch marks are now shorter, but I can't say that I can see definite improvement.

It says on the box that by week 8 the stretch marks / wrinkles will be visibly diminishing, which is where I am right now. However it also says that results keep improving, so I'm planning to finish this last tube I have and then will probably buy two more. If I see no improvement I will stop, but so far I am satisfied.

Bottom line: I do recommend it only if you plan to be consistent (applying it twice daily). I remember using StriVectin back in 2007 once a day and sometimes I'd skip and I saw no improvements whatsoever. 

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