Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Canadian Visa for Kuwaitis


I want to apply for a Canadian visa, and as some of you might know it is done through the embassy in Abu Dhabi. You basically have to send them your passport and application and they will send it back to you once its processed.

I called a few courier companies today to see what are my options.

Aramex can send the passport and bring it back for KD 41.5, although you will have to drop the passport yourself in their main office.

DHL does the service for KD 55, and they can send someone to pick it up.

Fedex can do only if you have an account with them, and that entails having a copy of your credit card on file. However their price was KD 21.

I like that DHL can send someone over, and I know that their tracking system is clear and accurate, but I'm not sure who to go for. 

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  1. العام قدمت على فيزا لكندا بواسطة ارامكس لكن تاكد انك تطلب ارسال الجواز و استلامه قبل لا ترسل الجواز للطلب. و لازم تكون الرسوم للفيزا بالدرهم الاماراتي

    لان اضطريت ارسل جوازي مرتين لهذي الاخطاء :( ..