Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Currently reading - Jane Eyre

The story is a delightful read, quite as I remember it. I am particularly excited because there is a newly released production of the story, starring Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland). The only reservation I have about the Penguin Classics edition is that the notes have spoilers. They refer to events happened and that will happen in the story. 

The story follows the life of a young orphaned girl sent to boarding school and eventually ends up working as a governess. Her life takes a turn when she falls in love with her master (employer) and begins to discover the many secrets he hides. 

Get the book via Amazon here.


  1. i miss reading :( last book i read was called whatever you think , think the opposite , motivational book

    but my favorite book of all time was and still is " a child called it" made me cry :(

  2. Oh I remember that book, Dave Pelzer's. I read it when I was a teenager and it really hit me hard. Tragic. He wrote sequels as well.

  3. yeah i read the sequels too :D