Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Would they care?

Halfway through Saturday, the book by Ian McEwan I'm currently reading, I came across a passage that I found interesting.

The lead character comes across a few Saudi women, covered from head to toe.

"They really turn his stomach. And what would the relativists say, the cheerful pessimists from Daisy's college? That it's sacred, traditional, a stand against the fripperies of Western consumerism?

But the men, the husbands - Perowne has had his dealings with various Saudis in his office - wear suits, or trainers and tracksuits, or baggy shorts and Rolexes, and are entirely charming and worldly and thoroughly educated in both traditions.

Would they care to carry the folkloric torch, and stumble about in the dark at midday?"

Would they?

Should we?

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